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Developed and refined for the institutional market, our real estate investments are increasingly popular with private clients. Event driven and with an opportunistic track record, our approach to real estate asset management has earned a powerful reputation for the high quality of our people and performance. Always ready to think beyond the limits of conventional investments we are looking to develop future ESG strategies that offer the opportunity to invest in the regeneration and renovation of existing properties.

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Our approach to private equity focuses on the twin goals of creating value for our clients and having a positive social and environmental impact. This unique and deeply personal lens on private equity takes in investment opportunities in key areas such as education and sustainable agriculture, as well as club deals and the selection of third-party funds.

Our private equity investment all provide complete transparency and track an investment’s development at every step. We believe that good corporate governanceis vital not just for society, but as a way of creating long-term business value too.

From investing in entrepreneurial businesses to opportunities in club deals and third-part private equity funds – every opportunity we offer has been looked at through our unique, long-term lens to ensure it can create the opportunity to invest without limits.

A client-focused APPROACH

Our dedicate team are focused on finding, assessing and managing structured products for both private andinstitutional clients. Technically expert and driven to compete, we manage structured products for the lifetime of our clients ownership, looking far beyond the initial sale. This unusually long-term view is in contrast to many of our competitors and a distinct advantage to our clients.

Structured products are technical and complex, but we don’t believe that this complexity should limit your ability to invest if the opportunity is right. Our combination of specialist expertise and client-focused approachdeliver a unique mix of investment banking and wealth management – the best of both worlds. Good service and the human touch are part of our strong wealth management heritage, but we never let tradition hold us back.

Technology is a vital part the success of our approach to structured products. We see the manual tools used by many as simply barriers to good client service. Our automated in-house platform delivers transparency at the click of a button allowing our team to focus on you.


We believe that every investor should be able to connect with real estate investment opportunities – an approach that makes us rare and unusual in our core markets of France and Switzerland.

From selection, to acquisition, to investment management - our focus is on making your real estate investment happen. We’ll ask you to tell us about the opportunities you have in mind, the return you are aiming for, and the time frame you would like to follow. Our experience and expertise means that you can rely on us for a clear and unbiased view, and for practical, efficient help.

Due diligence is an important part of our work, looking at a deal from every angle and ensuring you can see every possibility. For clients who have little or no real estate investment experience we guide those important first steps into real estate. And for seasoned investors we are the partner they can rely on to create business plans, bring parties together, and make deals happen.

Sustainability matters too. Both in the advice we give to ensure the buildings you invest in are as green and sustainable as possible. And in our determination to help you buy and invest in real estate that you can then sell improved and at a profit, safe in the knowledge that you have contributed to its long-term sustainability. Whether you are planning to invest in residential, large industrial, retail, offices, or logistics real estate, investing in property can easily become a subjective process.

Our approach to investing in real estate is all about accessing and maximising opportunities. Because we build an expert flexible team around each individual deal, you can be sure that we are always open to ideas and never pushing an opportunity that suits our own in-house expertise. And you can be certain that, however complex the investment may seem, we have the capabilities at our fingertips to make it happen.

We know that quality is important for both private and institutional clients. High quality of assets, of tenants, of experts, of opportunities, of buildings, of locations, of sustainability, of efficiency, and of communication are what every client can expect when they invest in real estate with Atlantic.

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