Wealth Planning

The international regulatory environment affecting our clients, their families and/or their businesses is always changing. At Atlantic Financial Group we are specialised in transnational asset structuring for both our clients’ personal and professional assets.

We help high net worth families plan their wealth over generations. Legal coordination and appropriate tax planning of their assets are critical to safeguarding and passing on family assets from one generation to the next.

Having identified each client’s wealth management goals, context and constraints, Atlantic Financial Group implements the agreed strategy and then constantly monitors it for changes in the overall environment. Playing the role of Conductor of their assets, we work side-by-side with our clients to identify the right expert(s) (lawyers, notaries, accountants, trustees, bankers, insurers, real estate experts, etc.) and then challenge, query, negotiate and ultimately propose and implement the most appropriate solutions on the best terms.

  • Global legal and tax coordination
  • Advice on financial and estate planning
  • Advice on buy/sell transactions concerning corporate shareholdings, real estate and other assets
  • Fund-raising mandate, mainly in the real estate and private equity sphere
  • Mandate for corporate or high-net-worth family relocation

Atlantic Financial Group further offers mortgage and financing services, which aim at developing tailor-made solutions for its clients, negotiating the best terms and setting up the most suitable structures.

We work with the best banks and financial intermediaries in each jurisdiction and can help set up the following lending facilities among others:

  • Lombard loan
  • Real estate mortgage
  • Private syndication


We cooperate with the best insurance providers in each jurisdiction offering insurance vehicles with the possibility of leverage. We can help our clients set up adequate insurance structures such as:

  • Universal Life Insurance; commonly used in Common Law
  • Contrat d’Assurance Vie; commonly used in Civil Law