Technology & Software Solutions

Atlantic Financial Group employs a sophisticated software solution that allows us to closely monitor our clients’ investments and provide them with a detailed analysis of their overall wealth.

This system has the capacity to consolidate both bankable assets as well as any non-financial investments such as real estate, private equity, art, etc. across multiple managers and jurisdictions. It also allows us to mitigate any associated investment risks and by providing us with notifications of any deviations from the risk profiles of clients, it reduces the possibility of human errors or omissions. Furthermore, the system provides alerts about large movements of asset valuations which means that we can easily detect errors or high volatility of financial instruments. This sophisticated tool thereby enables us to track performance, conduct risk assessments and actively manage clients’ portfolios through pre-and post-trade checks. This technology ensures delivery of excellence to our clients.

Clients also have access to a secure on-line platform where they are able to obtain detailed reports of their consolidated financial position, and which is updated on a daily basis.