Management of Financial Assets


We want to help our clients safeguard, manage and pass on their financial wealth while growing it over the short, medium and long-term. Atlantic Financial Group, through its regulated asset management subsidiaries Atlantic Capital Ltd and Atlantic Advisors Suisse SA, is licensed to offer financial advisory and management services notably in the entire European Union and in Switzerland, as well as in other jurisdictions around the world.

Our team of investment specialists manages bespoke individual portfolios as well as collective investment vehicles; it issues recommendations and conducts active financial advisory services.

We have access to the market analysis of most renowned financial analysis institutions, but we draw our own conclusions about the state of the economic environment. As such, we not only rely on common theoretical models, but we also adapt our way of investing taking into account new factors which influence market valuations and mechanisms. These factors – being news flow, analyst expectations and above all Central Bank monetary policy and intervention – are at the source of the current “valuation gap” between the real economy and financial markets. We believe that, in this situation, a strictly disciplined investment approach and risk control, combined with flexible asset allocation, are key to achieving our goals.