Family Governance

Next Generation Leadership

We have a series of Next Generation Leadership (NGL) courses specifically created for Family Businesses. These modular programs are tailored for our clients, based on our deep belief that leadership development is one of the critical factors enabling talent continuity and business growth.

Each NGL course offer is therefore built around 3 pillars: development of a robust leadership and management foundation for a family business; introduction to business drivers and the role of family leadership in facilitating them; and an individual / business action plan (with follow up coaching as required).

Corporate Responsibility

We work with our clients towards the development of our clients’ Corporate Responsibility strategy as a key part of their business vision to deliver winning results, minimise reputational risk and enable a sustainable competitive advantage.

Today’s customers expect businesses to demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Those that fail to engage with this agenda can attract negative PR, product boycotts and lasting damage to their brand reputation. Companies with robust Corporate Responsibility plans and policies can control costs, build brand value, increase customer loyalty and maximise business return.

We offer both Next Generation Leadership and Corporate Responsibility Services in collaboration with reputed international experts in the field of family business and corporate leadership development.